CAD Services

3-D Technical Services offers a variety of CAD services to our clients. We can take your ideas and create the CAD data required to produce prototype and production parts. We run SolidWorks, one of the most widely used CAD packages. It is a parametric, hybrid modeler capable of surface and solid part files. SolidWorks meshes well with Surfcam (CNC machining software) and 3D Lightyear (SLA software). We also run Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and Freehand. We offer laser scanning services if you have a model and need it converted to digital format.

3-D Technical Services works closely with designers and engineers to accelerate the product development process. We can produce design concept sketches, hand fabricated foam study models or sculpted clay masters which can then be laser scanned to create the CAD files. The files can then be further refined and more detailed prototypes can be produced. We also can create CAD data from verbal direction or sketches and, produce a detailed prototype.
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