Model Making

3-D Technical Services provides clients with assistance in many areas including product development, sales aids, architectural models, marketing tools, litigation models, and trade show displays. We constantly upgrade our capabilities and continue to grow in an effort to bring our clients the finest service in the industry.

Our ability to provide accurate scale model representations is unparalleled. We can capture any degree of detail that scale permits. We employ the latest, most appropriate materials and technologies for development. And we deliver market-leading workmanship that meets your time and budget demands.

3-D Technical Services Project Samples

Appearance Models

For marketing, samples, display and trade shows—our scale models are ideal for the evaluation of aesthetics and user appeal.

Sales Display

Let us create a cutaway model of your product or change the scale as a means of highlighting the key features that make it unique. Lightweight copies of your product can serve as excellent sales tools for day-to-day use, trade shows, and seminars.

Human Factors

We make it possible for you to do quality ergonomic studies of your products through accurate representation models.

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